Best Folding Exercise Bikes Reviewed in 2017

Best Folding Exercise Bikes Reviewed in 2017


Best Folding Exercise Bikes are among the best exercising devices you can have in your house. As previous indicated, there are a great number of benefits that you get when using a fitness bike. However , it could grow to be a hectic task finding the right folding exercise bikes out there. Presently, there are hundreds if not really a large number of brands and versions on sale. Using one side, that is an earn to the customer, as you have an assortment to choose from. Nevertheless, on the other hand is hard to pick the greatest. To help select the best folding stationary bicycles, we conducted independent study and regarded as both consumer’s reviews and also independent reviewers to compile this list. In this list, we’ve put into factors all the critical factors that worthy of knowing when investing in a folding stationary bicycles. This list will end up being perfect if you will be purchasing the bikes for the very first time or you’ll be looking to substitute your folding exercise bike.

Product Name Weight Limit
Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike 300lbs Check Price
Marcy NS-652 Foldable Upright Bike 300lbs Check Price
Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Recumbent Bike 220lbs Check Price
FitDesk FDX 2.0 Desk Exercise Bike 250lbs Check Price
ProGear 190 Compact Recumbent Bike, Heart Pulse Sensors 275lbs Check Price

1. Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike – Best folding exercise bikes to buy in 2017

If you reside in a smaller area and have zero particular space for workout equipment, this bike is an excellent choice for you. Here’s why it’s the best.

Frame Design

Among the top features of a folding exercise bike may be the comfort, which bike occurs top. It includes a frame style that helps it to supply comfort and ease to the rider. Here are the frame style top features of this bike.


It has eight degrees of level of resistance and this is effective if you are a average health person. The bike provides enough level of resistance level and therefore giving you an excellent workout. Its magnetic pressure system enables you to modify the level of resistance level to your desire.

The best folding exercise bikes reviews
The best folding exercise bikes reviews

Space saving

Its feature space-saving style makes storage space easier. After exercises are over, you can fold and roll aside the bike. The bike can fold to at least a half of its size as when totally assembled. With the included transport wheels, moving the bike to anyplace is fast and simple.

Large seat cushion

With its bigger seat cushion, the size of individuals who may use the bike isn’t limited. The chair size is changeable to fit any consumer heights and therefore giving convenience to the rider.

Leg stabilizers

They assist in preventing the bike from tipping when you are working out. The leg stabilizers possess tires, which are light to create easy the motion of the bike in one location to another.

Display and console

Something unique concerning this bike is that it offers a huge windows LCD display. The display helps to check the amount of calorie consumption you have burned throughout your workout. Using the hands pulse tracker, your heart rate is also shown on the LCD. You may also watch your velocity, level of level of resistance and the duration of your workout on the LCD screen.


You don’t need it a bike that you does not have any warrantee right? Then your exerpeutic folding magnetic upright bike may be the ideal choice for you personally. It includes a one-year warrantee in the event of any issue on its structural framework. The exercise bike also offers a 90 days guarantee on all the components.

Pros and cons of the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike

  • Because the size of the seat is adjustable, the bike is ideal for use for individuals of different heights. Users who’ve an elevation that ranges from 5’3 to 6’1 may use the bike with no problem.
  • The bike can fold up, which makes storage easier, so that it is a distinctive compact in comparison with others. The bike is ideal for individuals who have small homes and cannot afford with an extra space for storage. Another plus side to this bike is it’s made to support the fat capacity as high as 300 lbs.
  • Its precision balanced flywheel and V-belt get provide users with a steady and quiet operation. You won’t hinder watching TV or hearing music while working out. The bike can be affordable beginning with $149.
  • Despite the fact that the bike can be an upright one, it offers different behaviors. It offers its pedals installed too far forward, which requires you to employ a lot of work while pedaling. It could make you apply more tension to your back again, which doesn’t have any chair support. Because its pedals are significantly forward, you may be uneasy while looking to get the complete range of motion.
  • The pedals alongside the large seat produce using of the bike difficult. The chair may occasionally be too big particularly if your elevation is below 5’1.

2. Marcy NS-652 Foldable Upright Bike

Marcy NS-652 Foldable Upright Bike may be the ideal bike for individuals who would like to lose weight. It includes the same features, that your expensive cycles do. Here’s why it’s the best exercise bike in the folding category.

LCD computer screen

Using this bike is enjoyable because it has a big and simple to read LCD screen. The screen shows the length you have covered, velocity, and calorie consumption burned while working out. The LCD screen also shows enough time you have utilized during your workout.

Frame design

The bike has adjustable resistance amounts. With this feature, it really is uncomplicated to concern yourself by adjusting the level of resistance levels. It can help you promote the terrains as though having a patio bike ride. It offers your complete body exercising.

The best folding exercise bikes reviews
The best folding exercise bikes reviews



The initial cardio bike includes a design, which allows you to fold it once you finish using it. This feature allows you to shop your bike even in areas with limited space. With this kind of bike, there is no need to be concerned about its storage since it does not have a large amount of space when folded. You can only just unfold it when you wish to trip, and if you don’t want to workout, it remains kept while folded.

Adjustable seat

Its versatile chair allows an instant height transformation enabling it to match various users. The bike is ideal to make use of for individuals of different heights. You can adapt it to match you desired elevation whether low or high.

Counterweight pedals

The counterweight pedals include adjustable foot straps. They make it to prevent your ft from slipping throughout your workout. This enables you to exercising enjoyable as possible finish with no interruptions


Buying a bike which has no guarantee whether cheap or costly may be the worst mistake you may make. The Marcy NS-652 Foldable Upright Bike includes a two-year limited producer warranty. The guarantee period is more than enough to look for the effectiveness of the device.

Pros and cons of the Marcy NS-652 Foldable Upright Bike

  • The bike provides smooth pedaling because of its magnetic resistance. This makes your working out pleasurable. Its well-padded handlebar helps it be comfortable to carry when riding.
  • Assembling of the bike and storage can be simple. The design helps it be simple to fold after make use of, and it generally does not consider a large amount of space. You can shop the bike even in areas with restricted space.
  • Among the best reasons for having this bike is that it’s portable. Moving the bike in one point to additional is simple because it includes an excess weight of 36 pounds. Even though it not really folded, the bike is simple to carry around.
  • It is affordable. The cost of the bike ranges from $117 upwards. Since works simply as the costly bikes and gets the same features, it really is a great choice to buy
  • The bike is ideal for use for individuals of different heights. It really is because of its high-density foam cushioned chair, that it enables the transformation of height. It hence helps it to match the size of the average person using it
  • Despite the fact that the bike offers smooth paddling, the level of resistance can feel uneven sometimes. It can be a concern if you intend to paddle slowly. This means in case you are to become comfortable using it, you will need to boost your rate and peddle fast.
  • The seat and the pedal straps of the bike could make you unpleasant sometimes. The pedals straps can provide you trouble riding while wearing sneakers and it might not be enjoyable.

3. Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Recumbent Bike

For anybody looking for an all workout bike, this Sunny Health and also Fitness bike is a great choice. It offers features which make it stand out among additional bikes even though compared with the priciest ones. Listed below are it’s top features.

Frame design

Everybody wants to have a quality bike, however the design helps to keep several many people away. The Sunny Wellness + Fitness Folding Recumbent Bicycle is an outstanding option this fears. It comes with an adjustable chair that fits various consumer heights. This allows it to support everyone who uses it with no issues.

The padded and molded seat means that you are comfortable through the workout. It also offers you the benefit of enjoying a sizable number of chair positions as you workout

The best folding exercise bikes reviews


Adjustable foot pedals

The bike features non-skid foot pedal, which includes straps to greatly help your feet to remain safe and comfortable. You can change the feet pedal to create cycling easy as you need

Easy to fold feature

If you are searching for a cycle that you could fold so as it could accommodate just a little space, this bike may be the best choice. Folding of the bike is super basic as the bike measures 32 x 19. 5 x 46 inches. Folding helps it be easy to maintain shop, and you don’t possess to look for a supplementary room for storage space. The bike also weighs 35 pounds meaning you won’t are having issues folding it since it is light.

Adjustable resistance system

You can only just achieve comfortable riding if the bike has your desired resistance level. With the adaptable level of resistance systems of the bike, you can arranged the perfect level of resistance.

LCD display

Accompanying the bike may be the available screen that presents you the quantity of time you possess spent. The screen also allows you to know your present speed when you consider the screen screen. Knowing the length you have protected in your workout can be comfortable with this kind of bike.

The LCD screen also displays the amount of calories you’ve burned throughout your workout. This can help you to monitor your improvement as you continue.

Pros and cons of the Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Recumbent Bike

  • You don’t want interruptions while working out, right? This bike provides quietness when using it and there are no sound interruptions. Unlike additional bikes that are noisy, with that one, you can pay attention and revel in your music through the workout.
  • Enables you to view your speed. As working out gets interesting, the screen screen also becomes even more useful for looking at speed. It can help you to attain your set swiftness and distance goals
  • Lightweight. The most fat this kind of bike can weigh is 240 pounds. This means you are less inclined to purchase the one with weight and therefore carrying it around isn’t a problem.
  • Easy to regulate. Its modifications feature like level of resistance and height assist in adding comfortability while riding. Since height is adaptable, it really is hard for you to definitely tell in case you are brief or tall. It creates it convenient for everybody.
  • Affordable. It really is affordable using its price which range from $114 upwards. It isn’t expensive, and several most people can afford to possess it.
  • Easy to shop and high quality. The device is of top quality with a distinctive folding frame, making storage easy. It generally does not consider a large amount of space.
  • Despite the fact that the bike has elevation adjustable features, the seat is uncomfortable. The chair padding is not a great choice, and you may buy another one since it could be unbearable at times.
  • While if you buy a bike with just a little weight it really is uncomplicated to carry, it really is heavy if you choose the one with 240 pounds. This may offer you a hard period when moving it in one spot to another. The recumbent handles of the bike are too near to the chair. They make it unpleasant during your workout.

4. FitDesk FDX 2.0 Desk Exercise Bike

A bike, a laptop computer support, and comfort and ease are things that you cannot get collectively. But with the FitDesk FDX 2 . 0 Desk Workout bike, you can get them together. It really is a strange bike, right? Here are a few of the features which make it exclusive and the best.

Unique design

The bike includes a 16″ x 19 ” adjustable desk surface area feature for your laptop computer. The feature helps it be easier that you can continue accessing the web while working out. You can read you email messages and send text messages to friends and family and employees with all the bike. With this type of bike, you can’t ever miss something. The desk includes a storage drawer which makes storage of little items such as for example music players and pens easy.

Magnetic resistance

The adjustable magnetic resistance features allow you to select between eight different amounts. You may use the already obtainable knob to change the level of resistance to your preferred level. The excess body resistance bands make sure you have an excellent cardio workout for your complete body.

The best folding exercise bikes reviews
The best folding exercise bikes reviews

Compact folding frame

The bike is perfect for everyday use due to its foldable style. Its compact folding frame has generated wheels, which will make its transportation and storage less complicated. You may take it once you want with no problem. The look helps in conserving space since it is normally a 16 x 28-inch footprint.

Variable seat and backrest extender

The seat is simple to adapt to any height and therefore causing you to be comfortable. It could accommodate folks of different heights whether high and brief. All you have to is to adapt the seat to suit your elevation. The backrest extender offers you the comfort you will need when using your laptop.

Massage rollers and chest muscles support

It has adjustable armrest with contoured and padded massage therapy rollers for your hands. Their function is to provide ease and comfort and support for the body while you focus on your laptop

Durable design and smooth operation

Many most people use aluminum and steel products because of their relation service. The FitDesk FDX 2 . 0 Desk Exercise Bike is of a durable style built to go longer. Its twin belt and high-velocity flywheel also provide a good feeling with all the bike. They make sure you have a soft surgical procedure no distractions from your own work. The machine includes a durable coated machine.

Pros and cons of the FitDesk FDX 2.0 Desk Exercise Bike

  • The bike is multi-purpose. Aside from using the bike to exercise, you could work when using it. Unlike additional bikes where you go wrong until you end, this bike gives you both.
  • It certainly makes you comfortable when working with it. Because of its nonslip surface area, you may bring your notebook computer nearer so that you can lean back again and feel relaxed. The top is adjustable to match any notebook computer size.
  • The saddle design and the comfortable seat provide you with the comfort you want while using it. If you wish to have a while from typing, you can lie back again or place your forearms on the therapeutic massage rollers. Because you can fold the device, it saves space for storage and makes transporting it easier.
  • It’s quite. It really is whisper-quiet, which means you is capable of doing your actions without interruptions. It generally does not make sound. If you want to pay attention to music, that you can do therefore without distractions. It’s the greatest for exercising bike you could have in case you are super-busy.
  • The machine is just a little expensive since its ranges from $299 and above. It could be difficult to get one should you have a smaller income.
  • Though it provides quietness, it could do that for the first hour. All of those other time the device produces a clicking sound, which is disturbing. The noise helps it be hard to hear music or focus on everything you are reading.
  • The seat is high. The seat could be too high in case you are a 5″ 10″ person with lengthy legs. It creates it hard to can get on the bike, in fact it is not ideal for short most people also after adjusting the chair.
  • Low resistance level. As the level of resistance level is adaptable, it isn’t enough since you will get a much less cardio than expected.

5. ProGear 190 Compact Recumbent Bike, Heart Pulse Sensors

It really is a bike that’s worth consideration. The bike is recumbent, nonetheless it offers fun features as well. The recumbent feature allows it to help ease the pressure that you might experience in the knees or hip and legs. Listed here are other functions which make it an outstanding bike.

Easy to get on and off design

The semi-recumbent design of the bike makes it simple so that you can can get on and off. The look also offers you a competent and comfortable workout.

Magnetic tension system

Adjusting the strain of the bike is simple with the available 8 level control program. The tension program assists you to create the pressure level for a complicated workout.

The best folding exercise bikes reviews
The best folding exercise bikes reviews


Large seat cushion

Its great chair cushion and backrest may match any size of users. They are adaptable and can match users who are between 5’2″ and 6’2″ height.

Foldable size

The bike is exclusive compact which makes it fit little areas. After make use of, you can fold the bike up to fifty percent of its size and shop it away. These sorts of bikes aren’t only easy to maintain take with you, but are a great choice. That is if you possess a restricted quantity of space in your house.

Large pedal

It has a big pedal with basic safety straps that help out with protecting against your feet from slipping. With this pedals, it really is hard to injure yourself through the exercise thus which makes it safe.

Large LCD display and hand pulse sensors

The actual fact that it has large screen allows you to watch and scan your heart rate by utilization of hand pulse sensors. You can as well check on the amount of calorie consumption you have found in your workout on the huge display. Rather than you having to make use of a timer to monitor your quickness, the LCD shows it for you personally. All this allows you to watch your progress.


To create this machine exceptional, it includes a 90 days guarantee for the parts and an one-year guarantee because of its main frame. The time offers you plenty of time to learn its effectiveness. Other devices don’t have a guarantee, which is excatly why this bike sticks out.

Pros and cons of the ProGear 190 Compact Recumbent Bike, Heart Pulse Sensors

  • As the weight of 38lbs and its own size of 38 x 21 x 44 may give the feeling that it’s hard to store, it saves you space. It really is simple to put it aside because you can fold it after make use of. The folding feature allows you to prevent stumbling over it again and again while on your own duties.
  • Comfy to use. Even though you hard a knee medical procedures just last week, the bike is comfortable to make use of. It also really helps to decrease any discomfort you may have in your knee. Additionally it is useful for physical therapy.
  • Easy to use. You certainly do not need anyone to teach about how you to utilize this bike. When compared with other cycles it really is easy to maintain can get on and off providing you the comfort you will need. The cycle can be uncomplicated to create and assemble.
  • It offers you with quietness. Using the bike feels great since there are no distractions or interruptions. This means you can go through all you have to or watch your films with no any issues. It offers a great environment to exercise.
  • Lightweight. We all want a machine we are able to bring to wherever we wish without feeling it really is a burden. ProGear 190 Compact Recumbent bike may be the best with regards to portability. Because it weighs 38lbs, it creates it possible to go it around. You can carry the bike in one spot to another without feeling the pounds.
  • Among the factors that produce this bike stick out, it really is its durability. The bike can last long actually if put to make use of almost all of the period. If you want a bike that won’t wear out shortly, this is actually the best choice.
  • Despite the fact that the seat is adjustable, it sometimes might not fit your size in case you are slim. This might cause you to unpleasant since you will need to use something in order to avoid the friction.
  • Also in case you are short, this bike might not be considered a very good choice for you personally. You might have trouble adjusting the elevation, which you might finally never to fit.


Exercising with folding stationary bicycles will change how you usually workout. These types of bikes provide the body with an intensive workout. They also offer you information around the essential parameters that control the bike each time you use it.

The best folding stationary bicycles are the your that deliver the functionality and adjustability you will need. This will allow you to obtain a quality workout to burn off calorie consumption and improve fitness. But , some types of stationary bicycles are better for particular many people and their make use of. If you would like to track your heartrate as you workout, consider using these folding stationary bicycles.

After going right through, you can know very well what the review is focused on. With today’s hard times, it really is good to be cautious on what you may spend your cash. As you have mentioned, the majority of these bikes are inexpensive and durable. Why purchase something, which is costly but cannot last?

It is without doubt that these little but useful bikes could end up being worthy of your cash. You won’t regret having selected one from the list above.